Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, I don't know how I did it, but I managed to sleep through the night while Emmett was at Houston's mom's house. I think the main reason why I was able to was because I was very sick and just wanted to sleep forever. I only woke up once and was awake for about an hour and then was able to go back to sleep. While I missed Emmett more than anything in the world, I will admit that it was very nice to have some me time (and some alone time with Huey!) Anyway, the main reason he slept there was so Houston and I could ride his new motorcycle down to his Mom's in the morning because we were going to have Easter dinner there anyway. The ride was fun, but we froze our bums off!!!! Houston has this cool helmet where it has bluetooth hooked into it so he can answer his phone or listen to his iPod.... pretty cool!

We drove down 12th street and went all the way up the canyon to Mountain Green and then made our way to Henefer. He told me it would be a little cold, so I put on a little hoody. Thankfully, Houston had another one he packed just in case it got colder and I am so glad he did or I think I would have froze to death (I almost did anyway!) When we finally got to his mom's house, it was almost noon. So I survived without my little baby for over 12 hours! YIKES! I don't know if or when I will be able to do it again though. . . we're going to Vegas in a month or so and I am taking him with me :)

Houston looks so good on his bike! He's been wanting to get one for forever and finally broke down and bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 900. That's all I know about it and I am actually pretty impressed with myself for even knowing that!

Here is Emmett in his Easter outfit I got him. I was worried it would be a little girly. . . but it actually looked super cute! He looked so cute, but then I had to change him because he peed through his diaper. . yum!

I changed him into one of the new outfits Grandma Sheri got him. . . they are 12 months! He is such a big boy :)

After we ate at Houston's mom's house, we stopped at his Dad's. They were shooting colored eggs with a 22 (which is obviously the gun.... I am also impressed that I remembered that too) I have only shot a gun one other time in my life, and that was at girls camp like ten years ago! Here is Jim (Houston's dad) showing me how to line up the scope.

They actually had me practice on a close target because they thought I would suck. . . but surprize surprize! I hit something every time I shot so they had me hit some eggs that were a lot further and I hit those too! They said I was a natural. Ha. I actually really enjoyed myself. . . watch out Houston :)

Emmett was not too thrilled with the chilly wind. So Grandma Pattie and I took him back in the house. I brought his jumper and set it up so they could see just how cute he was! He was in there almost an hour and loved every second of it.

After we got home, I gave Emmett a bath and put him in his new jammies (also 12 months). It was such a fun day and the best Easter ever! I love spending time with family :)

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